Curt Sneary was born in Columbus, OH on June 6th, 1964.

He graduated from Grandview High School with a scholarship to The Columbus College of Art and Design. The scholarship was awarded to him by his mentor and teacher Lee Eckleberry. ''If not for Lee, you wouldn't be seeing any of these paintings; I'm not sure what I would have done with my life, I really didn't have any direction. Eckleberry noticed my talent during my senior year, I never drew or created outside of school, I was more into sports and friends.''

Mr. Sneary earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Advertising Design with a Minor in photography.
​ '' I always loved the painting classes, those were the classes I really looked forward to.''

After college he worked for Gunder and Associates advertising agency in Dublin, OH. Before leaving Columbus for Atlanta, GA, Curt worked for a few corporations in advertising and for the Columbus Dispatch newspaper in their Creative Services department under his boss and another influentional inspiration, Sculpturist Bob DeLay. Curt's first job in Atlanta was with the Atlanta Business Chronicle and then with the Atlanta Journal Constitution in their Ad Creative Department. ''Atlanta was a very creative place, everyone I worked with at the newspaper was extremely talented; they were all very influential in my development as an artist.'' Sneary lived in Atlanta between 1992 and 1999. ''My art did well in Atlanta,
I had International sales from V. Reed Art Gallery and many local buyers; this gave me the confidence to pursue the fine arts on a deeper level.''

Before delving into his paintings fulltime he was working as a Creative Director for Inez Cooper and Associates and had just met his former wife, Beth. ''We went back up to Ohio for a spell, I was painting and Beth was working on getting her Masters degree from Ohio State University.''

The couple relocated to Florida. ''My father lives on the East Coast, I had visited often and quickley gained an affinity for the beauty of Florida. There were three newspapers in this area so I decided there wasn't much risk because of my advertising background.'' Sneary quickly found work with the St. Pete Times and Cox Target Media. ''Newspapers have been hit hard with the advent of the Internet; the climate became very production oriented; I needed creativity on a daily basis.''

Mr. Sneary now paints fulltime out of his St. Petersburg studio in beautiful Historic Kenwood.

'' The harder paths in life are the paths less taken; you have to have a balance and try to do what you love. For me this has made all the difference :) ''

‘’The raw beauty of this coastal town is a treasure; I am continuously fascinated by the sky, water, nature and people of
St. Petersburg, FL .’’

- c.sneary